14 days challenge


Simply eat two Zespri Kiwifruit a day for the next 14 days and feel the difference!

14 Easy Steps

The 14 Days Challenge


Simply eat two Zespri® Kiwifruit a day for the next 14 days and feel the amazing difference to your health!

Cut, Scoop & Enjoy

Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the 14-Day Zespri® Kiwifruit Challenge! Why not start with one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy Zespri® Kiwifruit, just cut it in half and scoop the flesh out with a spoon.

Tropical Kiwifruit Smoothie

Day 2

Start your day right! With a filling yet refreshing Tropical Smoothie

Zespri® Kiwifruit Cone

Day 3

Have hungry kids clamouring for more snacks? Go the easy, healthy way with the Zespri® Kiwifruit Cone.

Have a healthy snack at work.

Day 4

Sharing is caring! Bring along some Zespri® Kiwifruit to your office as a healthy afternoon snack (just cut and scoop!) and share the amazing goodness with your buddies too!

Zespri® Kiwifruit Stuffed Omelet

Day 5

Spice up your local dishes today. Check out our main dishes for some yummy recipes you can whip up with Zespri® Kiwifruit!

Go on a Zespri Kiwifruit Picnic

Day 6

If it’s a sunny weekend, pack your picnic baskets and head on out! Don’t forget to pack a couple of Zespri® Kiwifruit along with you, you can just conveniently cut and scoop the flesh out.

Spicy Zespri® Kiwifruit, Glass Noodle And Chicken Salad

Day 7

Keep your family nourished and flourished with amazing nutrition! How about trying out this delicious salad specially created by Malaysian Chef Rohani: Spicy Zespri® Kiwifrui, Glass Noodle and Chicken Salad?

Cut, Scoop & Enjoy

Day 8

Congratulations! You’re halfway through your 14-day challenge! Take a break from the kitchen and just cut and scoop your way through a Zespri® Kiwifruit. One minute and you’re done!

Zespri® Zinger

Day 9

Our tropical weather can get really hot and humid. How about a nice tall glass of Zespri® Zinger to cool you down?

Pita Faces

Day 10

Keep curious kids occupied, and healthy, with this simple recipe that they can help to make: Pita Faces

Zespri® Green Kiwifruit Pancakes

Day 11

Rise and shine, Sunshine! Try a pancake breakfast with a good serving of Zespri® Kiwifruit

Nyonya-style Asam Fish Curry with Zespri® Kiwifruit Wedges

Day 12

Any time’s a good time to whip up a delicious, nutritious meal ! Wanna give Chef Rohaini’s Nyonya-style Asam Fish Curry with Zespri® Kiwifruit Wedges a try? What about the Roasted Chicken Breast with Kiwi Salsa?

Zespri® Kiwifruit, Ginger and Mint Soda

Day 13

If it’s the weekend already, it’s time to relax and rewind with a thirst-quenching Zespri® Kiwifruit, Ginger and Mint Soda.

Zespri® Kiwifruit on Ice with Oolong Jelly and Wolfberries

Day 14

Day 14 of the challenge! (Well, it’s not quite the end, we highly encourage you to continue having Zespri® Kiwifruit daily to get the maximum goodness out of this superfruit). Top off the past 14 Days of Amazing with this refreshing dessert today: Zespri® Kiwifruit on Ice with Oolong Jelly and Wolfberries.


Tried & Tested

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The 14 Days Challenge


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The 14 Days Challenge

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The 14 Days Challenge

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The 14 Days Challenge


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The 14 Days Challenge

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The 14 Days Challenge

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The 14 Days Challenge


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The 14 Days Challenge


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The 14 Days Challenge


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