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Zespri Red Kiwifruit

Be amongst the first in the world to experience the all-new Zespri Red Kiwifruit here in Singapore

Not all fruits are created equal! Zespri Kiwifruit consistently ranks as one of the most nutrient-dense fruits with high content of Vitamin C and essential vitamins and nutrients such as fibre, folate, Vitamin E, potassium; great for overall wellbeing, vitality, immunity, and beauty. World leader in premium-quality kiwifruit, Zespri introduces an all-new Zespri Red Kiwifruit cultivar, available exclusively in Singapore for the first time in the world, and for a limited time only!

The all-new Zespri Red Kiwifruit boasts a refreshingly delicious and juicy sweet tropical berry flavour; and a vibrant burst of red. The Zespri Red Kiwifruit is packed with 100% natural goodness, grown with Mother Nature’s building blocks and natural plant breeding techniques from Zespri’s world leading research and development team, in partnership with Plant & Food Research. The new variety of kiwifruit is naturally bred from kiwifruit cultivars within the highly successful Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit family; the crimson flesh is due to Anthocyanin, a unique and naturally occurring pigment within the fruit.

The Zespri Red Kiwifruit will be available exclusively for a global market testing in Singapore for a limited time only.

The all-new Zespri Red Kiwifruit will be available from 11 May 2018, at all NTUC FairPrice, Giant Hypermarts and selected Sheng Siong and Cold Storage supermarkets island-wide.

Experience the first taste of this all-new exciting Zespri Red Kiwifruit cultivar with a distinctive sweet berry flavour today!